I Promise...

One of these days, I will update the blog, but for now we are just busy, busy with school, gymnastics, scouts among other things!  I will admit I just can't find my blogging chi, sooo...y'all will have to wait!  Looking forward to Halloween and field trips!


Yorktown~D.C.~Ocean City~Williamsburg~The Rest of our Fun!

It's time to finish up our fun filled 2 weeks with the Endsley's.  I wanted to show them Yorktown and the small little beach there, however when we got there, we discovered that it was prime time for jellyfish.  That didn't scare the boys away too fast...they just put on their goggles and went looking for them!  Emma decided she needed to strip, because she needed to go potty...that little girl is a total hoot!  I just loved all of her little shenanigans!!!  The kids had fun climbing on the rocks and up in the trees!

yorktown collage-web

The next day  Eric and Mimi flew in from Oklahoma and it was time for our next big adventure to Washington D.C.

It was ridiculously HOT and then add the east coast humidity to that!!!  We were all sweating like pigs!  I hardly took any pictures because it was too much effort...Emma's face shows how we all felt!!  Luckily there was some relief when we could cool off inside the museums.  There is always a fountain to cool things off too...the kids dunked their heads and got soaked!

The next morning we headed back to see the Lincoln Memorial since we didn't make it there the day before,  it was just too hot, so we took off to see the Washington D.C. LDS temple and visitor center.  It was nice and cool inside.

After seeing the temple we drove to Assateague Island to see the wild ponies.  As we were driving to the island, just over the bridge a pony was walking right to our car, I thought it might walk right into us!  There was so much more to see there and we didn't have the time, but we saw a lot of ponies and enjoyed the visitor's center.  We were anxious to get to the boardwalk and beach in Ocean City, MD.
pony collage-web
We spent the rest of the day playing in the water...Ok, let me rephrase this...when I say "we" I mean everyone except Mimi and I were playing in the waves!  My favorite thing to do at the beach is to sit on the beach in my chair with my toes in the sand...that makes me happy!  I do like to get in the water occasionally, but for me I love watching everyone ride the waves...like Elisabeth here...isn't she having the time of her life?!










It was such a fun day.  We wanted to stay longer, but we still had a 3 hour drive home...we got home really late that night, but it was so worth it!

You can't come to visit us without taking a little time to see Colonial Williamsburg.  Unfortunately, the weather had not cooled down, so once again we braved the humidity and heat and spent a couple of hours in Williamsburg.  We left the little girls home with Dale, since he had to work on a paper for his class he is finishing up.  That was a good call...the girls took a nap instead.

Elisabeth and Me.
We learned some "old games" they used to play...

and some of us learned fast...or did we?




The boys were thrilled to pose for a picture...





Elisabeth, Eric and the boys took one more trip to Little Island Beach for the day...they found some amazing crabs and had one more fun day at the beach!
liittle island-collage-web

We also went to Busch Gardens twice and went swimming in our neighborhood pool. The 2 weeks went by way too fast! We enjoyed having them here so much! Our kids get along so well, just like cousins...so they, of course they had their moments, but for the most part they got along so well! I loved having one of my best friends with me 24/7...who could complain about that?! And we just love Mimi, she is the best! My kids (and ME) love her like a grandma, she makes us all feel so loved! I just can't say enough great things about this family! We are so grateful for our friendship and the opportunity we had to have them in our home. What wonderful memories we made! I'm still having withdrawals from them leaving!

Now it's time to enjoy the next 2 weeks...Dale is off work so we will have to see what we can find to do for these last days of summer!



When I saw a groupon for sailing, I thought that sounded like a really fun thing to do with Elisabeth and the kids while they were here...so, we bought the tickets and made the reservation...

How fun...a real ship!  Let's go sailing!
They started complaining early on…they were bored.  I mean, they did spend the day before riding waves in the ocean, and now they were just sitting on a slow moving boat where they couldn’t touch anything.
Elisabeth and I decided we should of come without the kids, it would have been way fun for us!
There were some smiles though…
Ok…we’re done…it was a nice thought anyway!

Let’s go back to the beach!

…and we did! 

We took the girls the next evening for a little walk on the beach…
These 2 girls make me smile!

Check out the many faces of Emma…
What a fun night with just the girls!


Beach Bound!

001webOur good friends came to visit for 2 weeks from Oklahoma.  We were so excited to have them come and play for 2 weeks!  The 2nd day they were here we were BEACH BOUND…it was a windy day, but the temperature was perfect.  The boys couldn’t wait to hit the waves!  They had so much fun riding on their body boards all day.  Elisabeth and I enjoyed digging our toes deep in the sand and relaxing as we watched our kiddos surf and play in the sand!  It was a perfect day!!! 
005web009web017web018web031web103web063web051web078web015web085web095web106web Josh started digging a hole…it got deeper and deeper, so deep all the kids climbed in…122web150web159webThe kids had fun feeding the seagulls cheetos, and Josh wanted to fly with the birds!
By the end of the day, the boys were told a few too many times by the lifeguard to stay to their right.  The surf kept sweeping them down towards the pier.  They had such a great day!!!

All of us were covered in sand from head to toe, but it was worth it all!  We had many other outings planned…this was just the beginning!